iPhone 4, and the Apple experience.

I’ve received my first iPhone 4 ┬ánot as a gift, but rather as a coincidence, as it is actually a workphone. Nevertheless, one does not simply refuse an occasion like this, considering the eye candy offered. Having tried to resist using Apple products, I find them slowly creeping into my life. First The New iPad,…


On the duties of Kings

SECTION LVI: THE GRANDSIRE SPEAKS Having bowed unto Hrishikesa, and saluted Bhishma, and taken the permission of all the seniors assembled there, Yudhishthira began to put questions unto Bhishma. Yudhishthira: Persons conversant with duty and morality say that kingly duties constitute the highest science of duty. I also think that the burden of those duties…


Generic Python XML-RPC CLI Client (With apache extension support)

This code snippet is a generic python xml-rpc client that supports custom extensions. This is tested with pytnon 2.6 – usage is as follow: Interactive mode

Oneliner mode You can invoke the client as a one-liner, by passing the xmlrpc function to be called using the –cmd option. Like so:

Which is quite…