Generic Python XML-RPC CLI Client (With apache extension support)

This code snippet is a generic python xml-rpc client that supports custom extensions. This is tested with pytnon 2.6 – usage is as follow: Interactive mode

Oneliner mode You can invoke the client as a one-liner, by passing the xmlrpc function to be called using the –cmd option. Like so:

Which is quite…

apache xml-rpc handling null/nil

If you have used xml-rpc extensively, you will know that one of the most annoying aspect of XML-RPC is the fact that NULL values are not supported as part of the core spec. This is an issue, because NULL is such a key concept in the mainstream languages such as Python, Java and .NET –…

Install/backsync between source and installation directory

Old script for syncing files between baseline folder and target installation directory File: GIT Usage

When etc etc

Very simple, really

N900 in Japan via bmobile. At last.

This is posted from my n900 via bmobile / docomo FOMA network. Yes, this is the very same n900 that I bought in Australia. No softbank bullshit. 🙂 Deal & pricing data-only: no sms or phone calls. which sucks. but at least i can do skype IM, browse facebook, upload photo to facebook, sync my…