• Focuses on successful delivery of software projects and IT management through cultivation of good IT & Engineering practices.
  • Leads a team of talented individuals to grow and overcome great challenges together.


  • 2001 – 2005 RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia
    Bachelor of Applied Science: Software Engineering
    Graduated with Distinction.

Work Experience

2011 May – 2017 (Current): Lingo Network

  • Client: Operation Excellence Tools Team, Service IT – Ericsson Japan
  • Positions held: Senior Technical Consultant (Lingo Network); Project Manager, Solution Architect / Regional Service IT Solution – RNEA, (Ericsson Japan)
    • Within Ericsson Japan Service Delivery & IT Organization, managed a team of engineers with diverse competence and experience to successfully deliver numerous IT projects; as well as establish effective lifecycle management of various system in Japan and then in the Asia region.
    • Provides Solution design & consultancy for local and regional stakeholders in both technical and non-technical cases, facilitating alignment of local & regional strategy, with special focus on the merge of Innovation, and Process&Tools management.
    • As of 2014, Team completed over 30 Software Projects, manages over 20 major Tools (Business Support Systems) and around 30 minor utilities with streamlined governance, operation and development practice. Acknowledged as one of the best performing team in the region, Japan Tools Team receives very strong demand to assist Enterprise IT & Test organization to mature their practice & strategy further, eventually forming Regional Service IT in mid 2015
    • Nature of systems varies greatly – covering web applications in Java, ASP/.NET, .NET desktop applications, background jobs, integration/middleware components and everything else in between. System runs on both Windows and Linux server environment, with data centers that utilizes both physical and virtual arrangement.

2006 Feb – 2011 April: Dialog IT

  • Client: Network System Management, Global Network Operations, Telstra
  • Positions held: IT Consultant (Dialog IT), Senior Software Engineer (Telstra)
    • Worked throughout various roles and systems: operation & support, software development, testing, software architecture/design, business analysis/consulting, as well as research & development.
    • One in particular receives a highly positive commendation from the Telstra Executive Team: a near real time distributed monitoring solution that provides visibility into a wide range of Telstra networks, used primarily by Telstra Network Operations. The system is built on a combination of: python, activeMQ, java, Oracle.
    • Improved various team standards: such as code & version control, task tracking and release management, documentation practice, test automation, introduction of build automation / continuous integration, and so on.
    • Help to coach / mentor new members to cultivate their coding, design and overall development disciplines.

2006 Jan – 2006 Feb: Netagi

  • Position: J2EE Transformation Architect
    • Helped to transform Netagi’s flagship product (Aplinx) into an enterprise Java system – requirement elicitation, analysis, architecture design and development of the system foundation/framework.

2005 Feb – 2005 Dec: Lonely Planet Publishing

  • Position: Software Engineer / Lead developer
    • Development of an in house J2EE proof-of-concept community driven web application for Lonely Planet’s journalist, writers, and travelers to collaborate and share their travel information. The J2EE web application uses: Apache & Apache tomcat, Hibernate, PostgreSQL, Struts and ArcGIS.
    • Leads the team on key technical design, choice of technology as well as implementation of core components.

2004 Feb – 2004 Dec: ICT centre, CSIRO

  • Position: Software Engineer/Developer Intern, UNIX System Administrator
    • Investigated the use of various Enterprise Java open source technology, developed various components for CSIRO research projects (J2EE, C,C++)
    • Administers a Red Hat Linux development server to maintain several project websites, wikis, and CVS repositories


IT Management

  • Software project management
  • Software maintenance, application lifecycle management, operation management
  • Software Architecture / Solution Architecture

Programming Language

  • Compiled: Java (core, J2EE, with various libraries); Microsoft .NET (C#, VB); C++
  • Interpreted: Python, Perl, JavaScript, bash
  • Web (Server-Side): Django, Servlet, PHP, ASP.NET,
  • Web (open): JavaScript, HTML, CSS, XUL/XP-COM (Firefox, gecko), XML, XSD, XSLT
  • Stored Procedure: PL/SQL, TSQL

Products & Standards

  • Operating System: Linux (Ubuntu, Centos, Redhat, Fedora), Windows Server
  • Database: MySQL,SQLLite, MSSQL, MongoDB
  • Messaging: ActiveMQ, Tibco EMS
  • Java Libraries: Spring, AXIS, Apache XML-RPC, Hibernate/JPA, ant,gradle
  • Java Standards: JPA, EJB3, JDBC, JMS
  • Web servers: Apache, Tomcat, IIS, Glassfish
  • Virtualization: Oracle VirtualBox, VMWare
  • Collaboration: Collabnet TeamForge, Hudson
  • Integration: JSON-RPC, XML-RPC, SOAP Web Services, REST JSONP
  • Identity and Authentication: MS Active Directory, openLDAP, Oauth
  • Source Control: GIT,SVN
  • Others: Firefox XUL, WordPress Plugin & Themes dev, Fiddler, impress.js


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Profile & Other

  • Indonesian Citizen, holder of Australian & Japan visa.
  • Born in 1983, Married.
  • Languages: English (proficient), Indonesian (proficient), Mandarin (beginner), Japanese (survival)
  • Interest: Buddhism, Software Engineering disciplines, martial art, travel & culture, philosophy, art – and recently, Calligraphy.