Java: Date, ISO string, and timezone

This is a convenience class around SimpleDateFormat to parse/format date from/to ISO string: yyyy-MM-dd’T’HH:mm:ssZ. The printing bit allows for timezone to be specified, which just wraps around DateFormat’s .setTimezone() method. Note that Date object in java is not timezone-specific. The Timezone conversion is required only during formatting. Usage

Handling Oracle cursors in JDBC

Summary It is common practice for Oracle stored procedure to pass cursors to calling client. The client then needs to guarantee that the cursors are handled and closed properly, otherwise overtime the open cursor will accumulate into an ORA-1000 error (“ORA-1000 Maximum Number of Cursors Exceeded”) In Java world, cursor translates as ResultSet. In the…

Debugging a remote java application with Eclipse

You can remotely debug a java application by first starting it like below.

Then, any decent IDE (such as Eclipse) with facility to remote debug a java application will be able to attach into the running process under the specified port (in this case, 8888). in Eclipse: Run > debug configurations > remote java…